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The Average Job Posting Receives 250 Resumes
Only 2% Will Get An Interview! 

To be in that 2%, it's critical that your resume is targetedcompelling and keyword-rich!
Build your interview-generating resume using leading edge techniques and effective strategies you'll learn in the PowerUp! Your Resume course.
Develop your resume for today’s market and put yourself miles ahead of your competition when you apply for your next job. 

You'll Get:

  • 5 Modules comprised of 23 fun, animated video lessons to make learning fun!
  • Downloadable full-colour illustrated transcripts for those that want to read along with the videos
  • A downloadable Aptitude Assessment Tool
  • Skills Assessments checklist to help you identify your key strengths and transferable skills
  • An extensive Competencies Definitions worksheet so you can easily determine your core competencies
  • Downloadable list of Action Verbs & Power Words - which many students have say is one of their favourite resource tools from this course
  • Power Words vs. Overused Words guide sheet
  • Homework sheets with each module to walk you through gathering your necessary information
  • 6 different styles of easy-to-use resume templates in MS Word format
  • An 8-point recap to double check you have all the critical elements included in your new exceptional resume

You'll Learn:

  • The biggest mistake job seekers make when writing their own resumes and how to avoid it.
  • Why strategy is essential in resume writing and How & Why targeting your resume is critical to job search success.
  • Important things to consider before applying for jobs.
  • What a profile statement is, why it is imperative and how to write yours. 
  • What “above the fold” means and what should be in yours.
  • To determine what your Strengths, Aptitudes, Competencies & Transferable Skills are.
  • What should be included from your employment history, volunteer work & education and what to leave out.
  • How to identify and describe your achievements or accomplishments.
  • All about  Keywords & Phrases and how to identify them.
  • The 5 different types of resumes and determine which one is best for your unique situation.

…and so much more.

Course Testimonials

"Stacey Davidson’s “Power Up! Your Job Search” was an excellent course. I had not updated my resume since high school and I knew it was necessary for the next step in my professional career. While this felt like a daunting task at first, her course guided me step-by-step through the process of rebuilding my resume. It was very user-friendly, and the examples and situations provided clarity and a touch of humor. I appreciated the inclusion of both videos and transcripts, so I could complete the course at home, and work, and even on the bus. I feel proud to present my finished resume to future employers. Thanks Stacey!"

Research Assistant & Membership Coordinator

"After 12 years in the same job, my resume was very out of date and I heard how technology (ATS) had changed recruitment processes. I found Stacey's "PowerUp! Your Resume" course and decided to give it a try because it fit my budget over hiring a professional. The course exceeded my expectations! I learned so much that I had no idea impacted resume writing and job search for 2020. The course was extremely detailed and very well structured, had great examples I could relate to and pre-formatted template to make it easy for me to do it myself. I sent my new resume to 4 targeted jobs and 3 called me within days for an interview. "

Sales Manager

"This course really helped me to develop my resume! From formatting to language, it covers ALL of the elements to build an excellent resume for today's market. I feel much more confident when submitting job applications."

Museum Curatorial Assistant

Make Your Resume Exceptional and Land Your Dream Job!

Frequently Asked Questions

PowerUp! Your Resume was written, designed and recorded by Stacey Davidson, Founder and CEO of Virtual Job Search Coach since 2008. 

With a 25 year background in HR, Recruitment and Business Management, Stacey is a certified Professional in Career Management, a highly sought after Career Coach, Job Search Strategist, Strategic Resume Writer, Interview Specialist and Recruiter.

This course contains 5 modules with a total of 23 videos. Each module contains:

  • 2 to 6 lessons each with content-rich animated instructional videos;
  • homework sheets to make information gathering simple;
  • a variety of resource documents to make your brainstorming easy;
  • colourful, fun and easy-to-read transcripts to walk you through each lesson;
  • 6 resume templates of various styles to make your resume building painless!

You get lifetime access so you can return and refresh your knowledge as often as you want over future years when you change jobs. 

There are approximately 2 hours of instructional videos included in this course. You can work at your own pace and login anytime you like (day or night). There is no time limit to finish, you can track your progress, stop, pause and restart the instructional videos where you leave off. 

You can also download the PDF transcripts to read offline whether you are at the beach or on the bus.

You could finish this over a weekend or take as long as you need and you will always have materials to refer back to. 

The homework time will differ for everyone but it is very possible to complete the course and build your new resume with one of the templates provided within one weekend!

Not a Problem! This amazing course will guide you through the resume writing process step-by-step including:

explaining what keywords are all about and how to identify which ones you should use.

skills and attributes checklists, and keyword lists broken into categories to make it easy for you to know exactly what you need to include based on your unique career history and job target.

numerous examples of how to recognize and describe your achievements;

clear explanations and samples of  layout and formatting as well as templates for those that don't want to create their own.

So....what are you waiting for?

The "PowerUp! Your Resume" Course (valued at $897) is priced to sell for a limited time for ONLY $197 USD! Act now before the price goes up!!


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